IT Training

The University of Miami, Division of Continuing and International Education has partnered with IT Training Solutions to offer database and informational technology non-credit certificate programs. IT Training Solution is an international training provider specializing in comprehensive IT Technical and Certification courses. Together we are empowering students to learn complex material and review concepts in an easy to use online, interactive course. We are continually updating the content in these courses to stay current with the trends and new developments in the industry. Each quarter 3-5 new titles are released.

"I have been taking the online SQL Database Certification courses with IT Training Solutions, and they have had an immediate benefit in the report writing work that I do. I have been able to improve the quality and breadth of my SQL reports, to the point of pulling off what my employer sees as a "miracle" of data extraction. I would definitely take more classes from these folks!"

Randy MacKay, Hospital Applications Analyst

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Other Programs

At this time, there are no other programs available for IT Training. Please check back at a later date.