Cybersecurity Professional Program

Cybersecurity Professional Course

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DCIE Refund & Exchange Policy

The following Refund Policy applies for refund requests before the start of the program*

Refund and exchange eligibility at DCIE is determined by the date you make your refund request relative to the start date of the course/certificate program. You are entitled to a 100% refund of the cost of tuition eight days before the course start date. You are entitled to a 75% refund between 4 and seven days before the course start date.  You are no longer eligible for a refund if the written request is submitted to your program office less than three days (72 hours) before the course start date.

Cancellation requests received more than eight days before course start date1   100% Refund
Cancellation requests received between 4 and seven days of the course start date   75% Refund
Cancellation requests received less than three days (72 hours) before the course start date   No Refund

1 Start date is defined as midnight on the day the course begins, not the time at which it starts during the day.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs operate as a single course with regards to the refund policy, where your refund policy start date is the start date of the first course in the program.  You cannot receive a refund for subsequent courses in a certificate program after starting the first course.

Partial Payments & Payment Plans

If you choose to cancel your enrollment between 4 and seven days before the course start date, you will be entitled to a 75% refund of the tuition. If you have made only a partial payment or deposit on a payment plan, it is essential to note that in many cases you will receive less than 75% of your deposit payment.  The 75% refund is based on the cost of tuition and leaves you will be responsible for the 25% of the tuition balance, plus any non-refundable processing fees. If your deposit or partial payment amounts to 25% of the total cost of tuition, you will not receive a refund, and you are no longer responsible for the remaining 75% due on your payment plan.

Fees & Memberships

All fees and memberships are non-refundable unless related to canceled courses (see below).

Canceled Courses

The University reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any program with insufficient enrollment or for reasons beyond our control. In any such cases, a full refund of fees and deposits will be made. Before a refund can be issued, verification of your payment, confirmation of the pertaining records and administrative review and approval must be completed. While we will expedite your refund request, please allow approximately 21 business days for processing.


The University of Miami reserves the right to change any provision or requirement, including fees, at any time, with or without notice. Degrees, courses, programs, activities, and academic or nonacademic offerings of UM may also be changed from time to time without notice. The university reserves the right to require a student to withdraw at any time under the appropriate procedure. Further, admission of a student to the University of Miami for a semester does not imply that the student will be enrolled in any succeeding academic semester. The university also reserves the right to propose probation on any student whose conduct is unsatisfactory. Any admission based on false statements or documents is void when the fraud is discovered, and the student is not entitled to any credit for work completed at the university. When a student is dismissed or suspended from the University for cause, there will be no refund of tuition and fees paid. If a dismissed student has paid only a part of his/her tuition and fees, the balance due to the university will be considered a receivable and will be collected.