Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine Certificate program will provide learners with a strong understanding of the medical role in sports and how Sports Medicine professionals aid in the prevention and treatment of sports-related illnesses and injuries. Learners will gain the knowledge needed to work with specific athlete populations such as high school athletes, adults, and senior athletes.  Essential topics covered in this program include safe conditioning through aerobic training, resistance training, flexibility programs, and training in severe environmental conditions. Upon completion of the Sports Medicine Certificate program,  learners will have established a strong understanding of injuries incurred during specific sports, and prevention techniques for such injuries, and gain the knowledge needed in assisting athletes in their recovery and return to sports.


Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Sports Medicine Certificate program, learners should  be proficient in:

  • Comprehending the essentials of anatomy and physiology, emphasizing the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems.
  • Identifying the appropriate levels of medical care and supervising athletes to maximize performance and minimize injury.
  • Understanding concepts related to exercise science, research techniques, and health promotion in all athlete populations.
  • Applying accepted strength training and conditioning theories and techniques in a variety of fitness environments.
  • Preventing illness in athletes training and competing in extreme conditions.
  • Understanding the most common injuries in specific sports, how to prevent these injuries, and best practices for guiding the athlete towards their return to competition.



  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Medical Care & Supervision of the Athlete
  • Special Considerations for Athlete Populations
  • Conditioning
  • The Environment
  • Specific Sports & Their Injuries
  • Specific Sports – Independent Stud


Sports Medicine Fundamentals

This class has started and is not accepting new registrations.
Starts : 3/1/2024 Ends : 4/25/2024
Meets on : Flexible
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This class has started and is not accepting new registrations.
Starts : 4/1/2024 Ends : 5/26/2024
Meets on : Flexible
Time : Flexible