Data Science Fundamentals

The University of Miami Division of Continuing and International Education offers the Data Science Practitioner program.  This 8-week online program is for individuals with an active interest in applying for entry-level jobs to work in data science-related fields.

During the program, students will engage with real-world challenges, where the scientific method meets real business, and data-fueled systems can use machine learning models to find insights.  This course aims at providing a comprehensive but accessible introduction to Data Science.  Techniques to interpret, clean, and visualize data will be presented. Students will also learn how to design, train, and evaluate common regression and classification models by using the Python programming language and specialized libraries.

Program Content

  • Lecture 1 Evolution of Data Science
  • Lecture 2 Data Science Domains, Categories, and Roles
  • Lecture 3 Data Science Analytics and Methodology
  • Lecture 4 Data Collection, Requirements, and Visualization
  • Lecture 5 Fundamentals of Statistics and Regression
  • Lecture 6 Feature Engineering
  • Lecture 7 Fisher’s Linear Discriminant
  • Lecture 8 Fundamentals of Support Vector Machines
  • Lecture 9 Fundamentals of Artificial Neural Networks
  • Lecture 10 Fundamentals of Decision Trees
  • Lecture 11 Performance Evaluation of Predictors, Confusion Matrix, and Receiver Operating Characteristics Analysis
  • Lecture 12 Basics of Training Machine Learning Models
  • Lab 1 Introduction to Python, Jupyter Notebooks, and PyCharm
  • Lab 2 Guide to Data Preprocessing Steps and Coding Examples
  • Lab 3 Coding Practical Regression Examples with Python
  • Lab 4 Coding Practical Classification Examples with Python

Data Science Fundamentals

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