Green Professional Building Skills Training (GPRO) Certificate

GPRO is North America’s top program for teaching the people who build, renovate and maintain buildings the principles of sustainability, combined with techniques they can use on the job the very next day. 

The University of Miami GPRO Certificate Program is customized for the climate and regional needs of South Florida. Participants learn to use building metrics to reduce operating costs, improve occupancy rates and raise tenant satisfaction. This knowledge enables them to implement leading-edge practices that reduce energy, water use, and waste, plus make buildings healthier and safer for occupants.

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LEED non-specific GBCI and AIA (LU/HSW) credits are available. The GPRO Certificate Program offers 12 CEUs.

Offered in partnership with the Urban Green Council, an affiliate of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the GPRO certificate course is taught by GPRO-certified University of Miami instructors who are experienced professionals in the construction industry and are well-informed about sustainability issues. The program is offered through the University of Miami’s Office of Professional Advancement, in partnership with the UM College of Engineering's Master of Science in Construction Management Program.

Urban Green GPRO Certificate