Cyber Security Boot Camp Programs

The University of Miami Division of Continuing and International Education offers elite cyber security bootcamp programs for professionals of all levels—from novice to veteran programmers—in collaboration with HackerU, Israel's premier cyber security and IT education provider. HackerU brings over 20 years of expertise in offensive and defensive cyber security education and training to universities across the country to ensure continuing cyber security education for future generations. 

Every HackerU-powered program is designed to provide students with the practical experience and exposure to the latest technologies and methodologies in the field. Students also receive custom career development services with personalized interview training, internship placement assistance, professional networking opportunities, and CV and LinkedIn profile building to give students the tools they need to land a job in the field upon graduation.



Cyber Security Ethical Hacking Program

As the world grows ever more reliant on digitally stored data and media, the threat to corporate, governmental, and our personal information increases exponentially prompting a serious hunt for gifted offensive cyber security professionals to identify system vulnerabilities before rogue hackers find and exploit them. This program is designed for veteran IT and defensive cyber security personnel looking to advance their careers into offensive security, penetration testing, and ethical hacking with 7 specialized courses.

Cyber Security Professional Program

In recent years, demand for cyber security defense specialists has surged across the globe, but there's a huge shortage of workers. There are currently 1 million unfilled jobs in cyber security around the world. That number is expected to rise to 3.5 million over the next two years. This program is designed to take newcomers to cyber security from zero to expert with 9 specialized courses.

Cyber2 Program

This specialized, accelerated program auto-enrolls students in our Ethical Hacking Bootcamp after they’ve successfully completed the Cyber Security Professional track. The Cyber2 program is available to students who are certain they want a career specializing in offensive cyber security and ethical hacking but who have no prior background working professionally in IT or cyber security.

Other Programs

At this time, there are no other programs available for Cyber Security Boot Camp Programs. Please check back at a later date.