Spanish Language Courses

Testimonials about our Spanish courses

This course was excellent. All of the instructors were positive and had incredible patience. I appreciated the "team" approach with different styles of teachers.
Michael Thompson, pharmacist
Intensive Spanish Program, 2008

Great curriculum. Divided well to keep energy and foster comprehension. Teachers all had great personality.
David G. George, CFO
Intensive Spanish Program, 2008

Outstanding program. An excellent approach to adult education. Enjoyable. Dynamic instructors. I recommend this course to all of my colleagues. The institute knows how to make adults comfortable learning a new language.
Michelle Morris, physician
Intensive Spanish Program, 2008

It was a dynamic experience that exceeded my expectations. Unlike taking a class in school, there was no pressure to try to earn a good grade, only to learn the language for the sake of knowing it. Classroom atmosphere was structured but non-threatening. Class dynamics were entirely positive. Instruction was comprehensive for written and spoken comprehension.
Vivian Rackauckas, attorney
Intensive Spanish Program, 2008

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